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Interested in making money? Have a great idea, product or service? Peabody Media is here to help you grow, scale, expand and leave your mark on the Internet. Work with us to increase your traffic, brand awareness and online revenue

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Increase your traffic, visitor retention, bookmarkers and time on site with cutting edge SEO techniques that work!

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Engage your visitors and increase their interactivity as you watch your sales and revenue go up!

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All levels of web knowledge, experience and resources welcome. Pick a plan that's right for you and your company!

About Us

Peabody Media is an ecommerce company dedicated to creating and optimizing online revenue via affiliate marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the latest in cyber marketing techniques. Beginning with a market overview Peabody Media specializes in enhancing, refining and optimizing existing websites while also developing exciting new brands, companies and websites. Multiple profitable revenue streams is always the Goal with Peabody Media! 

Web Development

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All sales begin with a great website designed to funnel your surfers and turn them into loyal paying customers. Whether you have an existing website or need to build one from scratch,
Peabody Media has the design team in place to best present your product or service. Graphics, logo design, animation, photo and video editing and responsive websites that will display on any device are all here to help you! 


The key to continuing online success is having an effective marketing strategy. Email campaigns, cross-sell and upsell opportunities, targeted ad buys for increased traffic and more are available to you.

Take advantage of our years of experience and let Peabody Media help you increase your overall online revenue! 


Peabody Media has the knowledge, expertise and resources to increase your bottom line via SEO techniques, targeted market research and focused ad campaigns using the latest analytical metrics.

Our Goal is always to make you and your company MORE MONEY! 

Why Clients Choose Us (Testimonials)

Peabody Media helped me re-design an older existing website of mine. I thought the site was long dead but the new look coupled with a focused niche-based marketing campaign helped resurrect the project and turn it into a consistent moneymaker. Thanks Peabody Media for the passive income!" - 


Greg Delmonico

Amazon FBA trader

"I needed to increase my social media presence and retail sales and was stuck doing the same old things that got me nowhere. But Peabody Media helped me setup a whole range of platforms that automate my posts! My Shopify sales, Twitter and Instagram followers have more than quadrupled in the few months I've been trying these new strategies. Thanks so much!" 

Mobirise Website Builder

Valerie Sawyer


  • Our most popular plan! The least amount of startup costs with the greatest benefit to you. Peabody Media does all the work (web design, hosting, processing, advertising, marketing) and we split all revenues 50/50. Costs nothing to get started!


  • The easiest way to make some short term money! Get the most revenue out of your customers upfront and leave the recurring subscription issues to someone else. Choose Pay Per Signup for limited but effective niche ad campaigns that really pay off!


  • Want financial security and lifetime passive income? The best way is through lifetime revenue sharing that goes beyond the initial sale and continues as long as your customers rebill. The best way to make money while you're sleeping!


  • Let Peabody Media evaluate your current website and business model and suggest ways to upgrade, expand, scale and improve your company's performance. Increase overall revenue with our one time consulting packages tailored to fit your specific needs. Contact us for quotes!

Professional Team


Responsive website designs that work on any device. Templates and custom layouts available.


The latest cutting edge website codes and languages integrated by our in-house programmers. Custom scripts available.


Once your website is rocking it's time to show the world! Experienced marketing managers available to assist you. 


With over a decade of online marketing and sales experience that has produced over $5,000,000 in gross revenue Peabody Media is available for consulting services. 


Making money online really is quite simple if you follow some basic ecommerce rules, use the latest in SEO and marketing strategies, and apply consistent effort to make your internet dreams come true. It all comes down to 3 easy steps: 

  1. Have a great idea, tell a great story, engage your visitors and show them why they really need your product or service. Give them a glimpse into how you will treat them if they stay with you...
  2. Get more customers to your website via social media, targeted ad campaigns, free blog posts, podcasts, link exchanges, content sharing and more. Then once you have them...
  3. Give them a reason to stay and buy (or re-buy) your product or service. It's easier to get more money from an existing customer than a new one. 

That's it! Now you know "the secret" to making money online. But remember it also takes consistent effort to make anything grow and that is why Peabody Media is here to help you! Let us do the tedious tasks that bore most people and cause them to stop and give up. Peabody Media is your one stop shop for increasing your revenue, easing your workload and enjoying years of passive income with minimal to no investment on your part.

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Have a project in mind? Get in touch with us to go over your details and customize a consultation package.Have a project in mind? Get in touch with us to go over your details and customize a consultation package.





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